Frequently Asked Questions

Randolph Fiber is a state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure that brings fiber optic service all the way to the home. It is the most current technology that is “future proof”, capable of delivering ultra-fast Internet connections, plus home telephone and a myrid of other services.

As with any utility, having the most capable and reliable infrastructure provides more value to the community and it’s residents. Connecting our Communities with fiber brings big benefits. Having the option for this much capacity attracts businesses that require large amounts of bandwidth for their operations. This may be the same case for residential customers. Customers are constantly needing and demanding higher amounts of bandwidth in their homes and businesses. This fiber investment prepares us all for what’s to come in the future.

No, we have been offering fiber to many of our communities in the area since the early 2000’s with a major emphasis on fiber to the home over the past 10 years.

Randolph can provide High-Speed Internet, Telephone and Home Security, just to name a few.

  • Internet service packages up to 1GIGx500Mbps
  • Telephone services (keep your same telephone number)
  • Home Security services

After enough interest in shown for a particular neighborhood (through filling out this form), we will start the Pre-Registration phase to determine the level of commitment by a prospective Fiberhood.

During Pre-Registration, we will contact every potential home to determine how many are interested in our new fiber optic network and are serious about taking advantage of our services.

After we have reached our commitment requirements for a prospective Fiberhood, we will begin construction on your fiber network!

Our actual construction plans will be based on the interest we receive from potential neighborhoods. When there is enough interest and actual neighborhood commitment, your area will qualify to be a Randolph Fiberhood.

Yes. To receive fiber to the home there is a 3-year agreement. This allows us to re-coup some of the construction costs to bring fiber to your neighborhood at no cost to you. The 36-month agreement does not begin until construction begins in your area.

Pre-Registration is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.  During Pre-Registration, we will canvass every potential home in a prospective Fiberhood.  This will determine how many households are interested in our new fiber optic network and are serious about taking advantage of our services.  This is your time to send in your application to get your community on the radar to become a Fiberhood. No application means no service.

Fiber optic is the fastest Internet option available; it is not shared and provides far greater speeds to enhance your experience. If you use the Internet in any way and have the opportunity to sign up for fiber, you should! You will not be disappointed. For current Randolph DSL customers, we will work with you to switch your service to Randolph Fiber should there be a need to put your current services on fiber, whether you upgrade or have a service issue. Putting your home on fiber is at the discretion of Randolph.

Absolutely!  Once the number is moved, it automatically notifies your current provider. We recommend checking with your current provider to make sure they stop your billing after our services are installed.

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